Astypalaia Island

"One of the most picturesque and beautiful islands of Cyclades in Greece, is Astypalaia. A quiet place, with crystal clear waters! We spent a few days during our honeymoon in the Greek islands. Enjoy some photos that show the tranquility of this amazing place!"

Thank you John!


" My visit to Cairo "The jewel of the Nile" as they say, was an unforgatable experience. The pyramids were absolutely breath-taking, the ride with the camels was fun, the dessert though is quite rough. My moto for this trip is "Survive Cairo…and the rest of the world is easy!"

Thank you J.

Rhodes Island

"Our summer vacation in Rhodes island were amazing! The history begins as soon as you enter the harbour, where Colossos of Rhodes used to stand, one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World! The old town was great, our visit there took us back to old times when the knights used to walk around in their shining armours! A place called Petaloudes (= butterflies), is something we have never seen before, it is a beautiful place where butterflies grow and live surrounded by big trees and small streems. Finaly there are lots of great beaches where we enjoyed spending most of our time! Take a small taste through some of the fotos we took."

Thank you Mary!


"10 days in one of the most wonderful places I have ever been! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, we relaxed and also explored as much as we could of this exotic place! Enjoy!"

Thank you Frank!

Venice - An other word for Romance

"Our week in Venice left the best mamories for me and my husband! The rides along the river with the gondolas, the beautiful sunsets and everything we tasted or smelled will always stay with us. We hope to go back some time! So, take a look and live the romance!"

Thank you Jen!

Barbados Wedding

"Our wedding in Barbados! We had a memorable time! Have a look at some fotos of the happy couple, our hotel and a unique experience under the sea!"

Thank you Mary J.


"Some amazing photos from the PhiPhi island in Thailand. The most amazing beach and waters I have ever seen. With these photos I am hoping to give you a small taste of paradise on earth".

Thank you Peter!!!

Niagara Falls

"Some photos from our trip to the Niagara falls. It was great!"

Thank you L.N.

Indonesia - Bali

"These 10 days we spent in Bali, were as we felt and remember them, our 10 days in paradise! I am sending you some photos to show give you a little taste of paradise!"

Thank you Mike